Once you have some layered armor, you can wear it by following any of the methods below. Could someone please tell me how I get the sealed Dragon cloth layered armor? Hey guys,A lot of you guys are wanting a full list of the available MR Armor so here is what I have so far. Safi’s Aquashot remain the best Light Bowgun for Sticky Ammo Build. Iceborne … Allright I’m just gonna call it right now but I’m like 100% sure that Capcom will add all MR armor sets as layered. Alatreon’s Weapons (Available so far) MHW Alatreon’s Dual Blades. Don’t tell me there is a cooler cat than this! NOTE AGAIN: YOU NEED TO FIGHT THE TEMPERED VERSION OF THAT MONSTER TO UNLOCK THE LAYERED ARMOR AS IT WILL DROP MATERIALS FOR IT TO APPEAR IN THE SMITHY. In MHW, Alatreon can come at you in two separate event quests: “The Evening Star” and “Dawn of the Death Star.”Longtime players will know this is pretty unique. The previous builds feature the Silver Sol Armor – which is good for mid-game journey and some of the end game quests. Safe to use . //