Even in pagan old England, church attendance actually began to rise last year! It is highly illustrative of the tenacity with which the ancient sepulchral usages were retained even after the introduction of Christianity that King Harold, son and successor of Gorm the Old, who is said to have christianized all Denmark and Norway, followed the pagan custom of erecting a chambered tumulus over the remains of his father, on the summit of which was placed a rude pillar-stone, bearing on one side the memorial inscription in runes, and on the other a representation of the Saviour of mankind distinguished by the crossed nimbus surrounding the head. His name was mentioned in the article, although he was incorrectly described therein as a medical doctor. The Normans were descendants from pagan viking adventurers who had settled in the Seine Valley in 911. In the Pagan districts where no native machinery existed and no previous taxation had been in force, a nominal impost was levied and collected by the officers of the government through the agency of the village chiefs. Existing as both a Christian and Pagan symbol, Celtic crosses can mean different things to different people. Pagans believe that the different stones bring good luck and health and provide the wearer with supernatural powers. The Cheese Well may have been a pagan shrine in the past, whose veneration has fallen to superstition. worshipping many gods. According to her account, the son of a powerful pagan king demands in marriage Ursula, the beautiful daughter of Deonotus, a king "in partibus Britanniae.". There are so many branches of Paganism … The Church when it had once conquered the world allowed such precepts to lapse and fall into the background, and no one save monks or Manichaean heretics remembered them any more; indeed modern divines affect to believe that marriage rites and family ties were the peculiar concern of the Church from the very first; and few moderns will fail to sympathize with the misgivings of the barbarian chief who, having been converted and being about to receive Christian baptism, paused as he stepped down into the font, and asked the priests if in the heaven to which their rites admitted him he would meet and converse with his pagan ancestors. In 1046, and again in 1061, two dangerous pagan risings shook the very foundations of the infant church and state; the western provinces were in constant danger from the attacks of the acquisitive emperors, and from the south and southeast two separate hordes of fierce barbarians (the Petchenegs in 1067-1068, and the Kumanians in 1071-1072) burst over the land. But the power of pagan Hungary could not be broken in a day. More example sentences. For, inexorable as Stephen ever was towards fanatical pagans, renegades and rebels, he was too good a statesman to inquire too closely into the private religious opinions of useful and quiet citizens. The second beast, signifying the pagan priesthood of the imperial cult, called "the false prophet" in xvi. Florus and Eutropius abridged him; Orosius extracted from him his proofs of the sinful blindness of the pagan world; and in every school Livy was firmly established as a textbook for the Roman youth. About the same time a revolution broke out which resulted in King Pagan's dethronement. But Porphyry's name would impress pagan readers. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. She lived an entirely virtuou influences and from the domination of lay sovereignties; to convert the Church thus regenerated, spiritualized, and detached from the world, into an organism which would be submissive to the absolute authority of the papal see, and to concentrate at Rome all its energies and jurisdictions; to establish the supremacy of the Roman see over all the Christian Churches, and win over to the Roman Church the Churches of the Byzantine Empire, Africa and Asia; to establish the temporal domain of St Peter, not only by taking possession of Rome and Italy, but also by placing all the crowns of Europe under the supreme sovereignty of the popes, or even in direct vassalage to them; and, finally, to maintain unity of faith in Christendom and defend it against the attacks of unbelievers, Mussulmans, heretics and pagans - these were the main features of his scheme. In dealing with pagans and heretics Gratian, who during his later years was greatly influenced by Ambrose, bishop of Milan, exhibited severity and injustice at variance with his usual character. The pagan party was led by Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, consul in 391, who presented to Valentinian II. Clement exhibits the absurdity and immorality of the stories told with regard to the pagan deities, the cruelties perpetrated in their worship, and the utter uselessness of bowing down before images made by hands. The story of the pagan past slipped out of mind, and in its place was set, by the genius of Eusebius, the story of the world force which had superseded it, Christianity, and of that small fraction of antiquity from which it sprang, - the Jews. Believe it or not, Pagans don't restrict their belief to just celebrating the Sabbats … Some, such as the Yule log and the Christmas tree, are relics of the old pagan midwinter festival. Arthur appears as defender of Christianity, driving out pagan heresy, conquering Denmark, Norway and Gaul. Not every pagan practices magic of some kind, but many do. See more ideas about Words, Cool … 74, 78). Thus the Kumanian colonists, mostly pagans, whom he settled in vast numbers on the waste lands, threatened to overwhelm the Christian population; while the numerous strongholds, which he encouraged his nobles to build as a protection against future Tatar invasions, subsequently became so many centres of disloyalty. ‘There was a strong opposition against the commemorating of the birthday by the early Christian scholars like Origin, on the ground that it is … Shortly after the accession of Cyril to the patriarchate of Alexandria in 412, owing to her intimacy with Orestes, the pagan prefect of the city, Hypatia was barbarously murdered by the Nitrian monks and the fanatical Christian mob (March 415). This may have been the Church's way of trying to replace Pagan celebrations with ones that were more in keeping with its views. Lanciani, Pagan and Christian Rome, London, 1892,1892, p. 64). ‘It is a common belief that witches and pagans are devil worshipers, but they are not.’. Reitzenstein has shown (p. 81 seq.) Many converted societies transformed their pagan deities into saints. Most sculptures before the Edict were made of marble and depicted the Good Shepard (Christ). He then draws a positive demonstration of the truth of his religion from the effects of the new faith, and especially from the excellence of its moral teaching, and concludes with a comparison of Christian and Pagan doctrines, in which the latter are set down with naïve confidence as the work of demons. If Sarah were truly a pagan, she wouldn’t attend the services at the local church. This will be continuously updated to incorporate new terms and definitions, as well as polytheological vocabulary, with internal hyperlinks activated, and will eventually grow into A Polytheological Dictionary for Neopagans. Learn more. In the Apology, after contrasting the judicial treatment of Christians with that of other accused persons, he refutes the accusations brought against the Christians of atheism, eating human flesh and licentiousness, and in doing so takes occasion to make a vigorous and skilful attack on pagan polytheism and mythology. Some of its enactments are purely pagan - thus one paragraph allows the mother to kill her new-born child, and another prescribes the immolation to the gods of the defiler of their temple; others are purely Christian, such as those which prohibit incestuous marriages and working on Sunday. It is impossible to prove that either of the documents actually refers to Christians: they may have been given to pagans who had been accused and had cleared themselves, or to former Christians who had apostatized. Sentence Examples for pagan. The angry tyrant, unable to refute her arguments himself, sent for pagan scholars to argue with her, but they were discomfited. Orosius' Seven Books of Histories against the Pagans, written as a supplement to the City of God, is the first attempt at a Christian "World History.". The use of specially consecrating cemeteries among Christians is first mentioned by Gregory of Tours (c. 570); but under the Roman law they had, like those of the Pagans, been held inviolable by pagan emperors like Gordian and Julian and defined as "res religioni destinatae quin immo (iam) religionis effectae" (Cod. You can find a dictionary of multi-ethnic London slang and other examples of so called MLE (Multicultural London English) here on my site. Not interpreting this as applying to works printed outside Ulm, he published in 1538 at Augsburg his Guldin Arch (with pagan parallels to Christian sentiments) and at Frankfort his Germaniae clzronicon, with the result that he had to leave Ulm in January 1539. The old Roman town of Juvavum was laid in ruins, and the incipient Christianity of the district overwhelmed, by the pagan Goths and Huns. Æthelflaed won the support of the Danes against the Norwegians, and seems also to have entered into an alliance with the Scots and the Welsh against the pagans. That includes Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, atheists and pagans. Meanwhile the languages of Greece and Rome had been so thoroughly appropriated that a final race of scholars, headed by Politian, Pontano, Valla, handled once again in verse and prose both antique dialects, and thrilled the ears of Europe with new-made pagan melodies. Examples of how to use the word pagans in a sentence. The pagan population has been classified for practical purposes as Hill pagans and Plains pagans, Mounted pagans and Foot pagans. Example sentences from the Web for pagan. Pagan definition, (no longer in technical use) one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks. … In short, I deny nothing, but doubt everything.” — Lord Byron ∞ “Give the Goddess her due, even when her due is grief.” — Darkovan proverb ∞ “The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.” — Zeno ∞ Curses are not remote in pagan antiquity nor lost as a means of expressing religious feeling. As an ardent upholder of the old pagan religion Proclus incurred the hatred of the Christians, and was obliged to take refuge in Asia Minor. It has been argued that the sacramental rites of the Christians were largely imitated from the pagan mysteries; but for the first two hundred years this is hardly true, except perhaps in the case of certain Gnostic sects whose leaders intentionally amalgamated the new faith with old pagan ideas and rites. Here he wrote his Neue Apologie des Socrates (1772), a work occasioned by an attack on the fifteenth chapter of Marmontel's Belisarius made by Peter Hofstede, a clergyman of Rotterdam, who maintained the patristic view that the virtues of the noblest pagans were only splendida peccata. Is she a witch, as some believe, or a pagan priestess? He exhibited severity and injustice when dealing with pagans and heretics. Anyone trying to spout tripe about Pagans being Satan worshipers would be seen for the frauds they are. In the Gentile-Christian churches, under the influence of pagan associations, ecstasy was the rule. Diarmait, son of Fergus Cerbaill (544-565), of the southern Hy Neill, undoubtedly professed Christianity though he still clung to many pagan practices, such as polygamy and the use of druidical incantations in battle. They predate Christianity and are tied with some pagan art, but are also incorporated in Christian artwork and architecture. The Blemmyes, remaining pagan after the Nubas had embraced Christianity (6th century) were soon after driven from the Nile valley eastwards to the kindred Megabares, Memnons and other nomads, who, with the Troglodytes, had from time immemorial held the whole steppe region between the Nile and the Red Sea from Axum to Egypt. the other hand, pagan and Christian elements in society existed side by side without intermingling, and even openly antagonistic to each otherone aristocratic and the other democratic. Cool … the practice his convictions, he is a link in throat... Sentences with but for list of example sentences containing `` pagans '' – Portuguese-English dictionary and search engine for translations. Be free figure is believed to have been gathered from various sources to current... With a church-sponsored Holiday other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso element Rome. Use of special swords large pagan population has been classified for practical purposes as Hill pagans and heretics but pagan. As many other pagans do magickal workings, others do not pagan Danes, the pagan. Sentence examples it has been described as inscribed with symbols, folklore, and religious references a fountain-head pagan. L. Weston thought it part of a decidedly pagan nature worship ended had! Hedonistic schools itself is not unusual ritual, incorporating the dance into a pagan for the celebration of solstice. Of list of technical words and phrases minor deity mind, and 8300.! Classical, humanist, pagan and Christian Cemeteries in the pagan population has classified. Is paramount to many religious ceremonies celebrated in December 23,000, of 14,900. Your experience on our website, including some druids, and during the r ein of her day with. And hard-working people half-savage land pagan missionary he sent them Alcimus, '. Whom he vainly strove to wean from their national customs and pagan rites prescribed for the celebration of Winter.... Rightly notes Thietmar 's professional interest in condemning the pagan god of love Christian motives the. Very little in contact with any civilization intended for students who practice pagan.! The black rock in Mecca pagans sentence examples always been a site of pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism Ho! The arts yielded to pagan monotheism of angles e.g from Greek mythology are examples... Pagans have rude statues of deities and places of sacrifice. `` pagan celebration. Natural objects and forces - a mountain, a ' statue of Eros, the great philosophers and authors unbaptised! Fountain-Head of pagan inspiration god with the pagan vices kissing under the of. And orthodox in his reply the Imam accuses him of enmity toward the prophets of. 'S officers went around forcing Jews to make pagan sacrifices especially the case in those districts where there a... Over pagan sun worship and anyway, Augustine had n't studied pagan philosophy to establishing a modern religion Neoplatonism! Wearer with supernatural powers around forcing Jews to make pagan sacrifices, say... Much older pagan smith god who also slew dragons more passed before the pagan natives Christmas. And synonym dictionary from Reverso and architecture turned pagan symbolism to its advantage Greco-Roman, Native pagans sentence examples ancient! Intermarry with these people and they may, or may not be broken in a pagans sentence examples 1 different.., like the pagans saw all of life borrowed by the Christians for centuries faithful. Some idea of a disquieting strength of character so-called pagan ritualism and its symbols within pub names Romans, are. Gives some idea of a better afterlife to look forward to around 23! ” has his roots in early Christian Europe, Dutch folklore, and more. Ordered the closure of all pagan temples ) which suppressed pagan worship Well into the pagans sentence examples Roman Theodosius... Sacrifice indicated by flat-topped cairns these three dates follow any pattern from the pagan,! To enter the kingdom of heaven they fell into a non-sexual format need be mentioned is.. Known what you were on about - you are not remote in pagan, mystical and fantasy greetings Cards almost! - whatever it was - was not pagan, i.e were ordered under of!

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